Become a partner of a nonTRIVIAl intellectual and entertainment franchise!
Start your own business in 3 weeks
Generate revenue from 1000$ for each game
The easiest way to start your own business
nonTRIVIAl is…

A Trivia game created in America for Russian-speaking Americans. Our reality, our life, our present and our past, our memories and our nostalgia!

An entertainment business interest in which never wanes and the market is only growing.

First earnings 4 weeks after purchase.

NonTRIVIAl games
It's easy to be smart among equals. Try to show off your wit in the circle of intellectuals! We will help you: we will create an appropriate environment, play around with the atmosphere and select good questions to make it more exciting to show off your wit. Our classic TRIVIA contains not only intellectual questions, but also tasks for ingenuity, logic and thinking. Here, for example, is a no-brainer - to guess a famous person from his child's photograph. It seems to be quite simple. We don`t think so!
Pizza, pasta and love for gelato... No, this game is not about fast food delivery to your home. Although, we hope you and your team have got something delicious ready because this slot promises to be difficult! How to resist the temptation if the game is dedicated to Italy?! Sultry Tuscany, Giordano Bruno, Leonardo da Vinci and Rafael Santi! We hope you appreciate our hint and are already using Google to find out more about the above-mentioned people. After all, this is a small fraction of what we have prepared for you!
Who among us as a child did not dream of flying into space! Who knows, maybe very soon space traveling will become as common as traveling by tram!.. Meet new people, play, have fun!
This is the very time when eccentric and bright colors, excessiveness in fashion, music and lifestyle, loud music, whirlwinds in bangs and shoulder pads in jackets ruled. Do you remember that, right?.. We suggest you remember this time together, plunge into that atmosphere with the help of the questions prepared by us. There will be music, references to fashion trends, and ... much more. Come on, the time machine is at the start!
Feel like a member of the gang of Bonnie and Clyde, lay an ambush for other participants and answer all the questions of the game correctly. Shh!.. If you don't know the right answer, follow the deduction - it never fails the detectives! We have prepared an interesting game for you. Let's test your criminal erudition and feel for secrets and mysteries. Ready? Take out a checkered cap, a tobacco pipe - and go!

A large pool of games for every taste →

Our business idea is very simple:

Gather participants.

Run a game.

Make money on tickets.

It is easy to do this as we provide all the materials for a successful launch.
Thanks to the files and recommendations that we have prepared for you, the first trivia game will go smoothly and allow you to express yourself in your city.
Who can become a licensee:

An aspiring entrepreneur

A cafe/restaurant/club owner

An event host/showman

An event planner

An art director

How to play nonTRIVIAl?
You only need to choose a free city and start hosting trivia games to make money with nonTRIVIAl.
Free cities
Get an exclusive contract for your city
A business plan tailored to suit your local features
Content for hosting trivia games
Start hosting the best intellectual and entertaining games in your city right now!
A personal website with a registration system
Pages in social networks: content, visuals, posters, templates, questions
Guidelines and instructions package
Contextual and targeted advertising package
Sound base for signature audio design of the event
24/7 consultations and support by personal managers
There are many competitors and other kinds of entertainment in the city,
what if there are no participants?
If there are many competitors, it means that this market niche is in demand, therefore, there is money. :) Besides, our license has the advantages that will help you keep away from your competitors - identity, authenticity of the content (we create content individually for each city) as well as support from your personal manager.

I have no experience in running a business and hosting
any kind of events at all, will I succeed?
Our license is ideal for starting your business. We`ll teach you everything - organization, management and promotion of events. We'll not let you down and give you complete tools that work.

What does the lump-sum payment include?
1. An exclusive contract for your city 
2. A business plan tailored to suit your local features 
3. Content for hosting trivia games 
4. A personal website with a registration system 
5. Pages in social networks: content, visuals, posters, templates, questions
6. Guidelines and instructions package 
7. Contextual and targeted advertising package
8. DJ`s sound base for signature audio design of the event
9. 24/7 consultations and support by personal managers

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