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What is a nonTRIVIAl GAMES about?
A trivia game is a team challenge in logic, wit and resourcefulness.

nonTRIVIAl GAMES is a great way to make your corporate event exciting and unforgettable.

Experience real team-building through a game format, help rally the group and improve team working skills.

Host Private Events with Nontrivial Games

1 Hour
Unlimited number of participants
Independent event or part of a general one
The game is engaging for EVERYbody!
Questions perfect for a diverse crowd
Customized design
European style: logic, intuition, wit, and resourcefulness
Customized questions based on your party occasion
Turnkey solution, including host and equipment
Any format and gathering location
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Baby shower
Holiday parties
Engagement parties
Anniversary parties
Housewarming parties
Retirement parties
Girl’s/boy’s nights
Rehearsal Dinners
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Customized game
Answer sheets
Host assistant
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Your host!
Meet Marat!
Marat has 15+ years of experience working as a Master of Ceremonies as well as a business trainer, a coach, and a motivational speaker. Marat has worked with diverse audiences, small and big auditories (500+ people) on business and casual events in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.
Meet Luba Sakharuk!
CEO, Mentor, Author, Coach, Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Facilitator.
Luba Sakharuk holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytech Institute of Technology and started her career as a software engineer. The unique insights and abilities she gained in her career led her to agile coaching, facilitation, leadership, and digital transformations. While working full-time as a senior lead consultant at Apex Systems, she founded RALM3 LLC...
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Customer reviews
Caroline, 46 y.o.
Principal assistant
We took the advice of the Nontrivial team and as a part of our school fundraiser, we put student players and their parents on the same teams! Many parents said they did not expect their children to know so much, and reason themselves so well. All participants were very inspired by each other which led to a successful fundraiser.
Cathy, 52 y.o.
Senior manager
For me as a leader, any corporate event is a great way to get to know my colleagues better. After absorbing the discussions and problem-solving abilities of the teams I was able to make some valuable changes within the department. I find it incredible that these questions are not necessarily testing your knowledge but also your ability to think logically.
Muriel Crossman, 36 y.o
Head of HR
We ordered a quiz for a joint office Christmas party, got in touch with Katherine; the guys arranged a quiz suited for our occasion.  
Marat was the host of the quiz.
Everybody liked it; the content was very interesting, the host was great; we had a team that included people of different ages and everyone was involved and everybody had a lot of fun. 
We will definitely play another quiz with you at the first opportunity and we will also recommend it to everyone as such format of live events is very exciting and new but the main thing is that everyone had time to drink, eat and play=))) Guys, its 100 out of 100, everything was perfect, that's the way to go!!!!

Tim, 35 y.o.
Data science engineer
Nontrivial made our business picnic fun and interesting, the experience was a breath of fresh air in both meanings.
Anthony Enderson,37 y.o
We had an outdoor team building session outdoors managed by nonTRIVIAl team; all the employees were absolutely delighted, though initially they were skeptical about this idea! The guys from nonTRIVIAl came to the country club in time, prepared all the necessary stuff and cheered everyone up! A huge thanks to you for your professionalism! We`ll contact you again!
Jennifer Taylor, 48 y.o
We want to express our gratitude to nonTRIVIAl company for arranging a team building session. The event was arranged at the top level. The program that you chose for team building was successfully implemented and integrated with the present time. The script was written according to our wishes. Thanks to an experienced host the event was positive and its goal was achieved. We would like to mention the competence of the managers who were helping us to get ready for the event, search for a venue and a banquet menu. We recommend nonTRIVIAl company as a reliable and honest partner.
Ulysses Donaldson, 32 y.o
Associate Director
Dear friends, we really liked the office party arranged by you. It was a real New-Year office party, even though there was no snow at all)). There were funny games and charades outdoors, a table with many delicious meals and a great host. A big thanks to everyone!
Charlene Scott, 27 y.o
Business Owner
These were 2 AMAZING hours spent with nonTRIVIAl company!!! You are great guys and your company is a real fun. How many sleepless nights I had and how worried I was about the way things will go and if my staff will like the party. As a result, everybody was absolutely delighted and is still talking about that day, especially about the passion brought by the quiz that you have arranged.) Thank you very much!!! That was the second time I was working with you and I have never regretted it.
Dolores Creighton, 51 y.o
HR - manager
We held about 5 corporate events (for 50 to 100 people) together with Marat using a new topic each time. The ability of Marat to impersonate is practically unlimited. 
And, first of all, working with Marat is interesting and fun because he sincerely loves what he is doing. Being a kind of adult kid who loves to play, Marat adds a piece of himself to every event in the form of ideas, new colors, his own personal emotions and jokes. And most importantly, at least for me, is that despite all his creativity, Marat is a responsible host. A host who thinks about the interests of his clients and puts them at the top of his priorities.