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Our game packages for your school`s extracurricular activities
Trivia is a team challenge
It involves asking players questions about various topics from geography to music to test their skills

School Events and Fun after School Activities

While playing your students will
Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
Enhance critical thinking and analytical skills
Build teamwork skills
Improve logic, wit,
and resourcefulness
Have a lot of fun
Express creativity and initiative
Broaden their horizons
Improve their knowledge and focus
Ready to use playing sets
The best solution for your trivia club.
We lead public trivia nights, corporate events, and family parties and we know how to make your club fun and interactive.
Have an unforgettable time to play with our sets
Unlimited players
100 or even 200 students can play simultaneously
Education through fun
Games focus on a variety of subjects from biology to art and will consolidate knowledge of the school curriculum
Easy to lead
Any teacher or even a student can host trivia. Just read the materials and start
For all levels
We are the only ones who create games accessible to middle school.
Your trivia club will be open to all students from 5th grade
Your trivia club will be conducted this way

time per week



questions per game

seconds to answer
A variety of round types are waiting for you:
Image questions
ABCD questions
Text questions
Audio questions
40+ game topics
Social studies
Shocking Secrets of Electricity
Galactic Mysteries: Space and Astronomy
Mind-Blowing Science Experiments
The Marvels of the Human Body
Weather Wizards: Climate and Atmosphere
Erupting Earth: Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Amazing Animal Adaptations
Dinosaurs and Fossils: Unearthing the Past
Mysteries of Microorganisms and Bacteria
Mathematical Mysteries: Codes and Ciphers
Discover the wonders of electricity, from simple circuits to the power of lightning.
Explore fascinating facts about planets, stars, and the universe beyond our atmosphere.
Dive into the world of groundbreaking experiments and scientific discoveries.
Uncover the incredible systems and functions that keep our bodies running.
Learn about the forces that shape our weather and climate patterns.
Understand the powerful natural phenomena of volcanoes and earthquakes.
See how animals have evolved unique adaptations to survive in their environments.
Explore the ancient world of dinosaurs and the fossils they left behind.
Discover the hidden world of microorganisms and their impact on our lives.
Delve into the intriguing world of mathematical puzzles, codes, and secret ciphers.
Leaders of the Free World:
American Presidents
Revolutionary Times:
War for Independence
Exploring America:
States and Their Stories
Rise of Civilization:
From Ancient to Modern Times
Urban Evolution:
The Story of City Planning
Cultural Kaleidoscope:
World Religions
Mapping the World:
Continents and Countries
Wonders of the Natural World:
Landmarks and Landscapes
Adventures in Wonderland:
Exploring Alice's World
Fables and Morals:
Aesop's Timeless Tales
Discover the lives, achievements, and challenges faced by the presidents of the United States.
Explore the key events, battles, and figures that shaped America's fight for independence.
Learn fascinating facts about the 50 states of America, their histories, and unique features.
Trace the development of human civilization from ancient cultures to modern societies.
Understand the growth and development of cities and the importance of urban planning.
Dive into the diverse world of global religions and their cultural impacts.
Embark on a journey to explore the world's continents, countries, and their unique characteristics.
Discover the breathtaking natural wonders, iconic landmarks, and diverse landscapes of our planet.
Join Alice on her whimsical journey through Wonderland, discovering wordplay, riddles, and life lessons along the way.
Explore the world of Aesop's fables, uncovering the wisdom and morals hidden within these classic animal stories.
Maestros and Melodies:
Exploring Classical Music**
Mind Your Manners:
Mastering Etiquette Essentials**
Titans of Industry:
America's Legendary Entrepreneurs**
Sports Trivia Showdown:
Test Your Athletic Knowledge**
From Page to Screen:
TV Adaptations of Famous Books**
Gadgets Galore: Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovations**
A Culinary Journey:
Flavors from Around the Globe**
Decoding Body Language:
Mastering Nonverbal Communication**
Festivals Worldwide:
Celebrating Diversity and Traditions**
Architectural Wonders:
Iconic Homes and Structures**
Discover the world of classical music, from legendary composers to iconic pieces that have stood the test of time.
Learn the art of proper etiquette in various social situations, ensuring you always make a positive impression.
Explore the lives and achievements of America's most influential business leaders who shaped the nation's economy.
Put your sports knowledge to the test with a thrilling trivia challenge covering various sports and iconic moments.
Discover the fascinating world of TV series based on beloved books, exploring the transition from literature to television.
Stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and cool gadgets that are reshaping our world.
Embark on a delicious journey through different cuisines, learning about unique dishes and trying out recipes.
Uncover the hidden meanings behind gestures and expressions, and learn how to interpret body language effectively.
Explore the vibrant and diverse festivals celebrated by cultures around the world, from colorful carnivals to sacred rituals.
Discover the fascinating world of architecture, from historic houses to modern marvels that push the boundaries of design.
You can also participate in
the Well-Rounded nonTRIVIAl school olympiad
For schools from all over MA
In December and May
1 team from 1 school
Choose 6–8 of your
best players to compete
Hurry up to apply
And a great prize
for the winning team
Just for 30 schools
Prizes for each team
A chance to join a clever, curious, and competitive community.
The widest range of topics to showcase their skills.
Register your team
5 steps to get started
Make a decision
Create your game package from the data of 40+ topics
Get all your games and the necessary materials for your trivia club by August, 20th
Request a quote and topics
Sign the contract
The game package is a set of games for half of the school year.
The first package (September – December) includes 12 games.
The second package (December – May) includes 16 games.
We will provide with all materials
• A video guide explaining how to host trivia
• PowerPoint games
• Answer explanations
• Game announcements for email distribution
• Branded answer sheets, T-shirts, pens, and score table
Customer support
by our team is also included