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A new format of nontrivial parties for kids and teenagers

Kids Parties Trivia

What is a nonTRIVIAl PARTIES about?

Spend quality time with trivia game for parties

Whether you plan a get-together with your buddies, a corporate event, or a fun birthday party for your child, selecting activities is one of the biggest challenges. Playing games and quizzes is an excellent way to break the ice and help people learn more about each other. They help create a friendly and lively atmosphere and encourage communication.

Nontrivial offers ready-made trivia games for party that are developed for different age groups, interests, skill levels, and types of occasions. In this way, you can choose the most suitable option for your needs.

Kid's Parties with Nontrivial Games - Fun and Excitement

nonTRIVIAL GAMES for kids is a team trivia game for logic, intuition and mindfulness that is great for a birthday or any other kind of kid’s holiday!
With Trivia, your kids will spend their time not only in a fun, but in a useful way as well!
By answering questions in a team, participants earn points, reveal their potential, develop intelligence and learn how to work in a team.
1 Hour
Unlimited number of participants
Independent event or part of a general one

What does the pack for party trivia games include?

Once you purchase a game, you receive detailed instructions, a 40-minute video file, and answer sheets in PDF format. As a rule, you don’t need a host, so you simply divide yourselves into teams and press play to start.

Another advantage of party games trivia is that they are suitable for an unlimited number of participants. Also, you can divide your group into an endless number of teams. The games have different themes, and you can pick one your company will enjoy most.

As a rule, this activity takes less than an hour, so you don’t need to worry that your guests will get bored. The structure is divided into rounds, so playing gets even more exciting since you know that there will be no draw. Each round has a strict duration, which makes players more focused on the game. Besides, there is a bit of strategy since the final round can turn the teams’ scores upside down. Such a win-or-lose format allows to keep people engaged for a long time.

The game is engaging for EVERYbody!
Various questions that suit to different age groups
Technical fit-out
European style: logic, intuition, wit, mindfulness, team skills
Trivia topics customized to the wishes of a birthday person
In-person&online trivia kids parties
Any format and gathering location
Why choose party game trivia
Think about what you usually do at various get-togethers. A small talk with your friends, discussing the latest news, and then here comes your smartphone and TikTok scrolling once you are bored. Party trivia games are something that will add entertainment to your leisure time with your friends.

They can also serve as icebreakers and help people get to know each other better without asking awkward questions. It’s an ideal choice if you are too shy to approach someone you don’t know that well.
Sample Trivia games:
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Birthday parties
School events
Family celebrations
Simple meetings of friends
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Use your brain and have fun with party games trivia
This activity is meant to engage people, make them think analytically, and create an exciting atmosphere. A trivia game for parties helps players use their logic, intuition, and memory. It requires participants to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills to answer questions and learn new things. Besides, it encourages teamwork, communication, and exchange of thoughts, which makes it ideal for spending time with your colleagues or classmates.

These activities are an excellent alternative to the well-known Monopoly, Jenga, or Battleship. You can choose from various themes to find a suitable option for your interests and age. Besides, you can find games for children, teenagers, and adults. All of them are developed for different knowledge levels. You can suggest your own idea, and soon there may be a game on your topic.

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