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Become a partner of a nonTRIVIAl intellectual and entertainment franchise!
Start your own business in 3 weeks
Generate revenue from 1000$ for each game
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Licensing Nontrivial Games - Get Started Today

An entertainment business interest in which never wanes and the market is only growing.
First earnings 4 weeks after purchase.
NonTRIVIAl games
It's easy to be smart among equals. Try to show off your wit in the circle of intellectuals! We will help you: we will create an appropriate environment, play around with the atmosphere and select good questions to make it more exciting to show off your wit. Our classic TRIVIA contains not only intellectual questions, but also tasks for ingenuity, logic and thinking. Here, for example, is a no-brainer - to guess a famous person from his child's photograph. It seems to be quite simple. We don`t think so!
A large pool of games for every taste →
Our business idea is very simple:
Gather participants.
Run a game.
Make money on tickets.
It is easy to do this as we provide all the materials for a successful launch.
Thanks to the files and recommendations that we have prepared for you, the first trivia game will go smoothly and allow you to express yourself in your city.
Who can become a licensee:
An aspiring enterpreneur
A cafe/restaurant/club owner
An event host/showman
An event planner
An art director
Choose a city to start hosting trivia games and making money with nonTRIVIAl!
Available cities
Get an exclusive contract for your city
A business plan tailored to suit your local features
Content for hosting trivia games
Start hosting the best intellectual and entertaining games in your city right now!
A personal website with a registration system
Pages in social networks: content, visuals, posters, templates, questions
Guidelines and instructions package
Contextual and targeted advertising package
Sound base for signature audio design of the event
24/7 consultations and support by personal managers
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