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Fun trivia games for all kinds of gatherings

Whether you meet with your family or friends, you want to spend quality time with them. You can choose activities to make your time together fun and delightful. For instance, you can play board games and quizzes. NonTRIVIAL GAMES are 60-minute team activities for kids and adults. They are based on different topics and popular themes meant to entertain and engage people.
Playing funny trivia games is similar to board games. The participants need to group into teams and answer the questions. The number of teams and players is unlimited, which makes it suitable for gatherings of any size. They can be appropriate for various corporate and private events, such as housewarming parties, birthdays, anniversaries, or just relaxing with your friends. The activities are versatile and will fit participants with various interests.
The game is engaging for EVERYbody!
Various questions that suit to different age groups
Technical fit-out
European style: logic, intuition, wit, mindfulness, team skills
Trivia topics customized to the wishes of a birthday person
In-person&online trivia kids parties
Any format and gathering location

Funny trivia activities for children and adults

We offer different games for kids and adults. Games for children are created for different age groups and interests. They are based on popular topics and include commonly known questions. They can be ideal for entertaining kids during birthdays or family gatherings while the parents rest or chat with each other. Fun trivia questions help children spend their energy in a positive way, keep their minds engaged, and work in teams. This activity lasts only 40 minutes, making them less likely to get bored.

Games for adults cover commonly known themes, they make participants use their logic, intuition, and knowledge of various spheres. The activity is divided into five rounds, which makes it even more engaging for players. It is a fun team challenge where you need to think quickly, communicate your opinion with others, and make decisions together. These quizzes are suitable for both small and large companies since they are organized in such a way that every participant can make a contribution to the final outcome.

But don’t think that it’s just another game for know-it-alls. The questions are witty, and the game is filled with humor, which helps create a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. Funny trivia games are witty yet require logical thinking and intuition. They are ideal for creating a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, even during corporate events with individuals you don’t know that much.

Public Trivia Events
April 27, 6:30PM
December 8 7:45PM
Doors open at 7:00PM
Craft Food Halls
Adult ticket $25
Child ticket $15
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) $60
May 25, 6:30PM
Adult ticket $25
Child ticket $15
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) $60

What a game package for parties includes

Once you purchase one of the nonTRIVIAL GAMES, you receive a video file that lasts 40 minutes during the entire game. Besides, you get answer sheets in pdf format. You need to start playing a video on a TV or projector and hand out the answer sheets to the players. The host is not necessary to play this game, so you can begin without one if nobody volunteers for this role.
Sample Trivia games:
Birthday parties
School events
Family celebrations
Simple meetings of friends

Have fun while answering trivia game’s questions

These activities are created to help people spend fun time together while answering different questions. Fun trivia questions suit people with different interests and can include videos, music, or text. This activity helps participants stay engaged for a long time, solve problems, and exchange opinions.

The game consists of 5 rounds so that one team has to win over another. Such a structure helps focus on the results and take part more actively. The last round is a blitz, which causes even more excitement. Besides, the process itself can be more enjoyable when you try to make jokes about the process or get to know other participants better.
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