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Games and quizzes are popular activities for different kinds of gatherings. They help bring the company together and encourage teamwork and communication between the players. NonTRIVIAL GAMES are unique team activities that entertain people and help them spend quality time together.
The game is engaging for EVERYbody!
Various questions that suit to different age groups
Technical fit-out
European style: logic, intuition, wit, mindfulness, team skills
Trivia topics customized to the wishes of a birthday person
In-person&online trivia kids parties
Any format and gathering location

How to get a customs trivia quiz for parties

You can request a personalized activity for your gathering with custom questions, themes, and designs. All you need is to provide us with the necessary details, such as the desired topic, types of questions, and design. We will send you some questions about your audience and company. It usually takes us 2-3 weeks to create a game, including proofreading.

As a result, you receive an activity that fits all your requirements and is ideal for your event. We create custom trivia games for such events as:

  • holiday parties;
  • housewarming parties;
  • birthdays;
  • engagement parties;
  • anniversary parties;
  • reunions;
  • bachelor or hen parties;
  • baby showers;
  • office parties;
  • corporate events.

Choose from a wide range of topics your company will be most interested in. Make sure the theme is suitable for a certain age group if you want to create a customs trivia game for children. For instance, 6- to 8-year-old kids can’t concentrate their attention for as long as 10-12 year olds do. We adjust the game to the group’s needs and ensure it engages the participants. Games for children are often based on different commonly known topics, such as animals, superheroes, or popular cartoons and movies.

You can mention the important things you want to see in the game, and we will tailor the activity to your needs. These games for parties help create a warm and inviting atmosphere and help your company spend quality time with each other. They are an excellent option instead of playing traditional board games.

NonTRIVIAL GAMES usually last from one and a half to two hours and fifteen minutes, an optimal duration for adults and children. The activity is divided into rounds, helping the participants concentrate on the outcome. They have some time to answer the questions, exchange opinions, and make common decisions. This is ideal if your guests meet for the first time, and you want to make it less awkward for them to get to know each other.

Public Trivia Events
April 27, 6:30PM
December 8 7:45PM
Doors open at 7:00PM
Craft Food Halls
Adult ticket $25
Child ticket $15
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) $60
May 25, 6:30PM
Adult ticket $25
Child ticket $15
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) $60

What are typical trivia questions?

NonTRIVIAL party games include different types of questions, such as video, text, image, and abcd tests. Such versatility helps keep the participants engaged and interested until the very end. The game is divided into 5 rounds, one of which is a blitz round. During the last round, you get less time to answer the questions, which makes you even more focused and result-oriented.

The customs trivia questions are ideal for a diverse group of people with different interests. They allow players to use their intuition and show their knowledge of various spheres. The questions combine humor and analytical thinking.
Sample Trivia games:
Birthday parties
School events
Family celebrations
Simple meetings of friends

Choose an ideal option from trivia games for adults or children

We also offer ready-to-use game packs on popular topics besides custom trivia games. These 40-minute activities include videos and answer sheets. They are suitable for an unlimited number of teams and players. Once you purchase a game, you receive a video and answer sheets in PDF format. You only need to print the answer sheets and hand them out to players. Besides, such quizzes don’t require a host, so you can start playing without one if no one wants to take this role.
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